The Treaty With China, İts Provisions Explained

Mark Twain

Platanus Publishing

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Every one has read the treaty w which has just been concluded between the United States and China. Everyone has read it, but in it there are expressions which not every one understands. There are clauses which seem vague, other clauses which seem almost unnecessary, and still others which bear the flavor of “surplusage,” to speak in legal phrase. The most careful reading of the document will leave these impressions—that is, unless one comprehends the past and present condition of foreign in­tercourse with China—in which case it will be seen at once that there is no word in the treaty without a meaning, and no cla­use in it but was dictated by a present need or a wise policy looking to the future. It will interest many of your readers to know why this, that, and the other provision was incorporated in the treaty; it will interest others to know in what manner and to what extent the treaty will affect our existing relations with China. Apart from its grave importance, the subject is re­ally as entertaining as any I know of and—asking pardon for the presumption—I desire to write a few paragraphs upon it. We made a treaty with China in 1858; Mr. Burlingame’s new treaty is an addition to that one, and an amplification of its powers.


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