501 Must-Drink Cocktails


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Cocktails are stylish and sophisticated, and turn any party into a special event. 501 Must-Drink Cocktailss contains a vast range of cocktails to suit any occasion, from a summer lunch party outdoors to pre-Christmas drinks. Classic like Martinis, slings and daiquiris sit alongside sophisticated Champagne cocktails, colourful shots, cooling fizzes, sours and punches and non-alcoholic drinks. The drinks are arranged by their main ingredient and a Bar Basics section offers advice on must-have equiqment and cocktail-making techniques.

Whether you are throwing a special celebration, arranging pre-dinner drinks or simply spending time with friends, in 501 Must-Drink Cocktails you will find just the cocktail you need.


Cilt Durumu : Ciltsiz
Basım Tarihi : 2014
Basım Yeri :
Boyutlar : 18,00 x 22,50 cm
Basım Dili : İngilizce
Kağıt Tipi : Kuşe
Sayfa Sayısı : 544
Barkod : 9780753726990
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