Fred Bervoets: Printwork 1990-2010 Ciltli

Johan Pas

Lannoo Publishers

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This is the first complete overview of Bervoets' unique pictorial graphic works, from 1990 until the present. Fred Bervoets, a member of the art collective "De Zwarte Panter" ("The Black Panther") is considered to be one of Belgium's most important painters. Since the early nineties, Bervoets' oeuvre has undergone a strong moderation, expressed in huge etchings. These are made in a "wrong" etching technique that was invented by Bervoets: he does not use an etching bath, but scratches the drawing immediately on a sink plate.


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Boyutlar : 26,00 x 32,00 cm
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Sayfa Sayısı : 280
Barkod : 9789020997316


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