Forbidden Fruit Luscious and Exciting Story and More Forbidden Fruit or Master Percy’s Progress in and beyond the Domestic Circle


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My readers of Forbidden Fruit may wish to know the origin of the work. It was this way, whilst I was staying at an out of the way village on the Sussex coast, I used to take long solitary walks, and several times saw a very beautiful girl sitting on a secluded part of the downs, attentively reading what looked like a manuscript in a black cover.

Naturally I concluded she was some very studious young lady trying to improve her leisure, as she did not appear anything like the frivolous novel about what she was so intent upon.


Cilt Durumu : Ciltsiz
Basım Tarihi : Ağustos 2019
Basım Yeri : Türkiye / İstanbul
Boyutlar : 13,50 x 21,00 cm
Basım Dili : İngilizce
Kağıt Tipi : 2. Hamur
Sayfa Sayısı : 89
Barkod : 9786057648723


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