Skills Work + Cd

Lynda Edwards

Delta Publishing

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SkillsWork is an exciting new book for students who want to focus on skills development at intermediate level and beyond. It provides work on collocations, phrasal verbs, word building, idioms and register.

SkillsWork is lively and motivating with a range of engaging and relevant topics that include: Life in the fast lane, Junk culture, Shopped out, Its good to gossip, Have your say.

Gives input material taken from a range of natural sources including articles, reviews, interviews, fiction, surveys, announcements etc.

Provides practice in writing and speaking tasks required of students in life, work and exams letter writing, reviews, emails, reports, complaints, planning, comparing, discussing, objecting etc.



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Boyutlar : 13,50 x 20,00 cm
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Sayfa Sayısı : 96
Barkod : 9781905085149


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