Notes On Nursing: What It Is And What It Is Not

Florence Nightingale

Platanus Publishing

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“Shall we begin by taking it as a general principle that all disease, at some period or other of its course, is more or less a reparative process, not necessarily accompanied with suffering: an effort of nature to remedy a process of poisoning or of decay, which has taken place weeks, months, sometimes years beforehand, unnoticed, the termination of the disease being then, while the antecedent process was going on, determined? If we accept this as a general principle we shall be immediately met with anecdotes and instances to prove the contrar y. Just so if we were to take, as a principle all the climates of the earth are meant to be made habitable for man, by the efforts of man the objection would be immediately raised, Will the top of Mont Blanc ever be made habitable? Our answer would be, it will be many thousands of years before we have reached the bottom of Mont Blanc in making the earth healthy. Wait till we have reached the bottom before we discuss the top.”


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