A Journey to the History of Philosophy Vol. 4

Georg Wilhelm Hegel

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“...In this account of Philosophy, we at once see what the so much talked of Ideas of Plato are. The Idea is nothing else than that which is known to us more famil-iarly by the name of the Universal, regarded, however, not as the formal Universal, which is only a property of things, but as implicitly and explicitly existent, as reali-ty, as that which alone is true.

We translate εἶδος first of all as species or kind; and the Idea is no doubt the spe-cies, but rather as it is apprehended by and exists for Thought. Of course when we understand by species nothing but the gathering together by our reflection, and for convenience sake, of the like characteristics of several individuals as indicating their distinguishing features, we have the universal in quite an external form...”


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